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Our Process
Precision & Craft

Everything you need to know:

Step 1: Make an Appointment
Find the Schneider Stone Showroom nearest you here and make an appointment with the showroom manager, with whom you can discuss your project. They will instruct you on how to best prepare for your appointment, such as what measurements you need.
Step 2: Select Your Material
The next step is to select the material for your natural stone countertops and custom surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms. The wide selection of samples in our showrooms, including engineered quartz, granite and marble and specialty stones like soapstone or travertine, will help you find the aesthetic and color you like. To see an accurate representation of the pattern of veining and movement in your stone, we recommend that you view large, approximately 10 x 6-foot stone slabs in an indoor warehouse. Schneider Stone operates slab warehouses at our Asheboro headquarters and our Wilmington, N.C. location. In addition, we partner with several stone distributors across the state of N.C. who will welcome our clients into their slab warehouses for viewing.
Step 3: Receive a Quote for Your Project
In order to facilitate an initial estimate for your project, we recommend that you do a simple “bird’s eye view” drawing of your countertop layout or space, with dimensions. The drawing does not need to be professional, because later we will have a technician to do an exact drawing. With your dimensions and material in mind, we will provide a preliminary estimate.
Step 4: A Template of Your Project Will Be Created
After we have your measurements and you have selected your stone, your material is brought into the Fabrication facility. Measurements are entered into a computerized system to ensure complete accuracy. The stone and edge profiles are cut according to these measurements.
Step 5: (Optional) View a Layout in the Warehouse
If you would like, you can see your slab in a layout emulating the configuration of your countertops or space. That way, you can see specific details like the type of veining or movement that will be near your sink, on your island or near your cook surface, in case you want to make any adjustments.
Step 6: Your Countertops are Fabricated
Schneider Stone has a reputation as the best countertop fabricator in the Triad of N.C. After we have your measurements, layout and stone selection, your material is brought into our 25,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art fabrication facility in Asheboro, N.C. Your stone and edge profiles are cut by experienced craftsmen to ensure accuracy for the best fit.
Step 7: Your Countertops are Installed
Once the fabrication of your stone is completed, your countertops are delivered and installed by our certified professional installers. Schneider Stone installers, one of the top ten kitchen installers in the Triad, are fulltime employees who have worked with the company for years and are extremely professional, prepared and personable, and take great pride in their work. Schneider Stone receives many complimentary phone calls from clients about our installers.